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System re-installation

Broadband or wireless setup

Virus and Malware removal

PC MOT test!

Hardware and peripheral upgrades

Digital Photography help

Website help

Absolute beginner Help

Second computer networking


Data recovery












































System re-installation:

A sure way to remove viruses, cure problems and restore the PC's performance and reliability to how it was when you first bought it. We can save all your files, and make sure that printers, Internet etc work perfectly afterwards, and install all your programs again.

Broadband and/or wireless setup or diagnosis:

Setting up wireless or broadband can be confusing, and often the service provider's disks make matters worse. We can set your broadband up without all the unnecessary programs many providers inflict upon you.

Virus or malware removal

Malware is rogue software which is usually fraudulent and a severe security risk. It may include keyloggers, viruses, worms and trojans as well as merely being a nuisance in itself.

PC M.O.T test!

A series of checks to see where your PC's weaknesses are, followed by the most practical, effective and financially viable solutions to these problems. You would be amazed by how little it costs to get your computer running at its best.

Hardware upgrades and installation of peripherals

Peripherals are things like scanners, printers or similar. Hardware upgrades would be a larger hard drive (the hard drive is where your programs and files are kept, so the bigger this is, the better), or more system memory (RAM). RAM is crucial for system performance, yet is cheap to upgrade and can transform your PC.

Digital photography help

Most of us now have digital cameras. Yet, a lot of owners do not know how to make the best of their digital images. Sadly, most photos stay on the memory card, or on the hard drive, never to be seen. We can help you to make adjustments to your photos, present them as a slideshow or on a CD-ROM, how to write a DVD or CD-ROM and how to get a lot more out of your photography. The good news is, you need not spend a penny on software, and the average PC is more than capable of this.

Website help

Have you always wanted a website, but wouldn't know where to start? Did you know that your Internet Service Provider usually gives you a place for a website? (We call this "webspace"). Or perhaps you'd prefer a "blog" or actual web hosting? (The latter usually costs a little more, but offers more features, like a "Domain Name". is a domain name).

Absolute beginner's help

Having worked within an education environment for over 9 years, we know what problems many people have when dealing with their PC. Often, all most people need is a gentle nudge in the right direction, and a little reassurance that they won't break anything!

Second computer networking

If you access the Internet via a router or hub, did you know that if you have more than one PC (Laptop or Desktop), you can usually network them? This means that you can easily share one printer between them all, or share files very simply between them.

Perhaps you have an old PC and you don't know what to do with it? Did you know that you could use it as "Network Storage"- a PC without keyboard or monitor that connects to your network and acts as a centralised storage point for all your computers. An excellent way to back up your work, too.

Backups and file security

If you keep anything precious on your PC, and you cannot afford to lose it, then you really should think of using a backup. Backups can be scheduled for certain days/times, and can also be to an external drive or computer. Think what would happen if you lost your digital photos or accounts! We can also create a full system backup so that if your system fails dues to viruses or whatever, you can be up and running again with minimal delay.

Data recovery

If the worst does happen, you'll need to get those files or data back. We can usually do that for you. But why not consult us about backups now, and save yourself all the worry?


All services are charged at very reasonable rates depending upon time taken, except the System Re-installation services, which costs £60 all inclusive. This is compares very favourably to the industry standard price, but we can assure you, no corners are cut!

Normal rate of work is £15 per 1/2 hour. System M.O.T, for instance, takes approx. 1/2 hour.

Can't see the service you need here? Then contact us anyway: no job is too small! We'd be glad to help. Please rest assured that we DO NOT attempt to sell software, upgrades or carry out work which is unnecessary for you. We believe that honesty and a "needs based" approach is what makes customers happy. Happy customers who trust us will use us again.



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