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Did you know....?

1. That this site has FREE, clear and downloadable guides to many aspects of computing, written especially for the beginner or non-technical person?

2. That the most problems are caused by owners not understanding how their computer works? Check out the guides above- you'll be surprised at how easy it is to understand the basics!

3. Many people think that they need very high powered PCs to perform anything more complex than surfing the Internet and E-mail. That is not at all true!

4. Many people think that their computer gets slow because it is old. That is not strictly true! Computers do gradually get slower, but only due to the amount of software and other things: the physical PC does not slow down much, if at all. A simple system re-install can fix this, without losing your files. In fact, if we do it, your PC will usually be faster than ever!





We are based near Skipton in North Yorkshire. The owner of Computers Fixed! has been fixing computers for over 18 years, the last 9 for a major local government agency, mainly in schools. This has given him a special insight into how ordinary, non- "techy" people see their computers, what confuses them, and what they like their computers to do. It also became apparent that most people would like to do much more with their computers if only they knew how- or it wasn't so difficult. A major obstacle in their way was their computer: many computers arrive from the manufacturer in a shocking state. This not only slows them down, but also makes them more unreliable, less secure- and they nag constantly, wanting things to be registered, updated or trying to sell the owner other programs or services. These things can easily be sorted out.

Knowing this, we like to take the "customer's needs" approach: to get the computer and peripherals to work as the customer would like them to. This means listening to the customer, and advising them in a practical way on best practices, upgrades (only when necessary!), and taking the time to ensure that the customer is happy with what we've done.

As a real computer enthusiast who nevertheless believes that computers are here to serve us, (not the other way around), Computers Fixed! believes that with our help, you can do anything on your computer, without spending lots of money- or fighting with your computer. Give us a call, or e-mail us. We're here to help.


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